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The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released A GLOBAL Rapport on Trafficking In Persons based on information gathered from 155 Nations! This rapport shows that 79% of global human trafficking is for sexual exploitation, predominantly women and girls. This industry is the third largest crime industry in the world and unlike drugs and weapons; a trafficker can sell a young child over and over and over again… This Crime generates more than approximately, according to research, $500 Billion a year and counting. This Incredible Button has been created with the support of SA CAN, a very honorable NPO. SA CAN has also won the Louries- Awards for having the best technology on the African Continent and Middle East and partnered with X-IN (Pty) Ltd to create this Button under Trackbox and tackle this Global Monster that is affecting more than 40 million of our children world wide and more than 2 million in South Africa alone each year, and that is only what we know of…

South Africa is used as a recruitment, transit and destination country! According to Research 15 million people are finding themselves in forced marriages. There are 152 million forced child laborers in the world according to the International Labour Organization and the United nations are stating 215 million children under the age of 17 are working worldwide…and this is also happening in our own country too… in our very own neighborhoods.

There is no more place for ignorance! Another 40 million people are trafficked worldwide for many reasons of which Sex Trafficking and Labour Trafficking are some of the biggest reasons.

There are ‘Baby and Organ farms’, ‘Break-houses’ where the girls and boys are raped up to 40 times a day and beaten to a pulp once they have been trafficked ‘Seasoning them into total submission’. ‘Zombifying’ them into whatever their pimps request!

Every 30 seconds someone is being trafficked! And its happening in our very own communities! It is very real and it is time for communities to wake up!

Children are being SHIPPED IN BY CONTAINERS - close your eyes and IMAGINE little 4,5 and 6 year olds having being given a bottle of water and a sachet of glucose to sip on over a period of 30 days just to keep them alive until they reach their ‘destination’. Scared, dark, hungry, cold, taken away from their moms and dads sitting in their own faeces ….and when they reached their ‘destination’ then their HELL ONLY STARTS!


On the 9th of August 2015 South Africa obtained fantastic legislation in place against human trafficking.Victims are children, women and men. 40% of victims are known by their traffickers in some shape or form; many traffickers are women and children who are being used to spot and recruit the next victim!

Cyber crime is increasing rapidly; children are sold online like cattle!

It currently costs the Government R1 million to rehabilitate 1 victim, taking into account witness protection, places of safety, food and clothing, trauma counselling, psychological cost! Etc. Awareness is key! Collaboration and networking is key in toppling this Global Giant eating more than 40 million of our children alive every year!

Girls and Boys are being approached on Facebook, chat rooms, beauty contest, through modelling agencies and through sports contracts and ‘work opportunities’! The list is endless.

‘X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button’ IS A HEAVENLY RESPONSE to topple this global Giant and an International Hallmark, with the first ever of its kind! SA CAN is the only organisation with a World Wide Application accepted and is sitting in New York. They have created Trackbox. With this App they can track and trace people right across the world within seconds, making the world a smaller place for traffickers and save more of our precious children and victim’s lives. ‘X’ – Standing for Slavery, unknown and unidentified and ‘-IN’ – we're calling them back into Freedom!

I believe with SA CAN’s excellent technology with their Trackbox App and renowned good working relationships throughout Government authorities over a period of 15 years, having established good and trustworthy relationships with the Police, Hawks, War Rooms and other Intelligence agencies, they can provide support with the push of this X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking button so that, we can combat this crime together with Every One’s help!!! Together We CAN! Trackbox already has 1.5 million supportive members and counting!

We have made this X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button under Trackbox App so cheap, R25 per month, the price of a two-liter milk bottle. Trackbox is available on the Google Play and App Store. The ‘X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking button’ falls under TrackBox App. This allows the X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button also the benefits of Trackbox’s excellent technology support and functions, such as explained in this website. This X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button functions as a panic button with a 10 seconds countdown where you are immediately connected to the specialist and necessary support with collaborating networks and authorities such as SAPS, HAWKS or who ever it is you need to intervene.

This X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button lacks no resources under Trackbox, who will assist you with anything, any time, anywhere. Other functions are available like reporting a suspicious person or vehicle, leaving an anonymous tip as well as dealing with car theft, poaching with dogs, murder, rape, armed robbery, farm murders, immediate medical assistance, no matter the cost whereby the flying in of helicopters has already happened to save lives, kidnapping, and now human trafficking. If you have no data on your phone, there is a call me back function (the little telephone icon on the right hand corner) that anyone can press and there will be an immediate returned call from Trackbox. Your phone does not have to be a Smartphone; any phone that can use WhatsApp can use ‘TRACKBOX’ and therefore have the International Anti Human Trafficking Button available. Given Trackbox’s high intelligent service, there are some intelligence we can not share, which is understandable, but one thing is for sure, Trackbox can find, help and save, any time, any where for any matter!

Trackbox is a world class App. Please visit their website Trackbox.world to view their update on Project Mustard Seed; Message Centre Bug Fix and their MDDR- Mobile Device Data Recorder. There is knowingly a lot of other different apps out there with some similar functions, but nothing beats TRACKBOX which has proven to be the best in technology and immediate support.

This giant of human trafficking is too big to fight alone. We need people, communities, The public and those placed in divine position of authority to stand together!

This X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button under Trackbox helps to combat the horrific crimes against children, women and men. You need to obtain the Trackbox App and choose ‘X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button as your ERPC Collaboration Network to have it available for support and emergency assistance.

With Trackbox’s incredible technology, we can track and trace people across the world within seconds. This makes the world a smaller place for traffickers and more victims' lives can be saved. In the Search bar you can just search for ‘Trackbox’, which is orange, and black in color and once in it- select the X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button as your EPRC option specifically for anti-human trafficking purposes.

X-IN (Pty) Ltd uses the money for this International Anti Human Trafficking Button to support victims of Human Trafficking, support current safe houses and to build more safe houses and rescue centres according to Government standards and regulations. It will also support the many costs in saving a victim’s life and dealing with all matters of costings involved in rehabilitating victim’s lives.

Download and purchase the TRACKBOX app NOW and get your X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking button, before it is too late! You never know just when you might need to push that button! This button also deals with kidnapping cases.

Let’s beat this giant of Human Trafficking together and support the many victims together! Get your X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button on Trackbox App Now!

X-IN Anti Human Trafficking button

X-IN (Pty) Ltd has provided testimonials from the Internet under their anti human trafficking button to provide some examples for awareness purposes. Viewer discretion and sensitivity is needed due to content and language for each clip.

We cannot unfortunately provide testimonials of crimes committed under the Emergency Panic response button as this remains government intelligence data.

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