The Emergency Panic Response button and the X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking button has access to the following functions and services via Trackbox (Pty) Ltd

A) MDDR - Mobile Data Device Recorder


This function creates a breadcrumb trail of where you were, making it easier to find you if necessary.

The Anti-Data Theft, Spyware and Privacy Protection feature has recently been added to the MDDR app and links to your user profile. You can protect your data and prevent hackers or individuals who are trying to illegally track you, spy on you or steal your passwords, this feature is currently under development. This has become a necessary data protection measure with the increase of online banking, online shopping and smartphone location services.

MDDR (Mobile Device Data Recorder) is for tracking, tracing, and positioning for high-level priority crimes, hostage recovery and investigations in South Africa. MDDR is in partnership with the SAPS, The Hawks and Crime Intelligence. TrackBox uses the MDDR system, which is like an aircraft data recorder (black box) and is only used for high-level investigation and life-saving intervention purposes. By accessing your mobile device data recording, the collection of such information will assist and facilitate the investigation of high priority cases such as -

• Rape

• Armed House Robbery

• Hijacking

• Hostage Location

• Missing Persons

• Serious & Violent Crime

• Device Anti-Theft & Recovery Assistance

There are steps on the Trackbox website to be followed for full access to be granted. Your data will at no point be released to your emergency contacts or the general public – it remains completely confidential. Please visit the website for instructions on the necessary procedures.

B) Project Mustard Seed

mustard Seed

SA CAN launched Project Mustard Seed in March 2016. Project Mustard Seed is a continuous collaborative effort between TrackBox Users, SAPS, Crime Intelligence, The Hawks, Operation Command Centres, War Rooms, K9 Unit, thirty-nine 10111 Centres, Snipr, Recoveri Microdot, ProtectaDNA, Together SA CAN NPO and TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd. We know there is no quick-fix solution to the crime problem South Africa faces, but this project is one of the best community based solutions currently available. Currently Project Mustard Seed’s Stats stands at the following:

1013 Arrests | 159 Identified Suspects | 216 Recovered Weapons | 43 Recovered Persons

C) SNIPR ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)


TrackBox SNIPR - Vehicle Check Centre

Trackbox (Pty) Ltd & X-IN (Pty) Ltd acknowledges that vehicles are without a doubt the most used tool in the commission of crimes in South Africa. Transport gives criminals the freedom of mobility to operate wherever and whenever they choose, striking with speed, precision and force. Vehicles are therefore a critical component in the way criminal syndicates operate.

All South Africans need to become empowered to take action, knowing that the information they receive and share is accurate, valid, and comes from a trusted source. This advanced function of the Vehicle Check Centre can be compared to highly trained elite snipers who eliminate positively identified threats from a safe distance.

Access to these emergency services is granted through Trackbox (Pty) Ltd using the Emergency Panic Response button.

Vehicle check

TrackBox SNIPR Suspicious Vehicle Checks is a national collaboration of TrackBox Technologies (Pty) Ltd, SNIPR ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), eNaTIS, SAPS, The Hawks, Operational Command Centres, War Rooms, Crime Intelligence, Violent Crimes & Technology Support NPO (VCAT), SANRAL, SANParks, KZN Wildlife, ProtectaDNA, Recoveri Microdot, Vehicle Tracking Companies, Security Companies, community crowdsourcing, and the national network of the Emergency Response & Prevention Centres (EPRC).

The initiative is powered and managed by Together SA CAN NPO and VCAT NPO Violent Crimes & Technology Support. In this way we can do a proper vehicle check:

• You will get issued a case number.

• We add this vehicle of interest to the ANPR national database (Automatic License Plate Recognition).

• The intelligence is never lost.

• We have a proper legal process to find each vehicle reported.

D) Emergency Panic Response Button

Poaching with dogs

Members on the premium version of the Trackbox App as well as members who have chosen their ERPC as the Emergency Panic Response Button or the X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button will have their cases registered on the Incident Management and Information Capturing System (IMICS) and each case is left open until completion of the case.

The Emergency Panic Button has access to the full services of Trackbox services in handling cases. Trackbox handles more than 200 case types! These cases have anything to do with crime, medical, fire and rescue, kidnapping, Traffic incidents, traffic alerts, animal welfare, care theft, house robberies, crisis centres, municipal support, bee and snake removal, farm murders, murder, rape and now human trafficking. We deal with cases such as “Poaching with Dogs” and so much more! There is no situation that they cannot intervene in. They even deal with hostage recovery; there is absolutely no scenario they can not deal with!

Members of the Emergency Panic Response button or the X-IN Anti Human Trafficking button receive their own ‘Vault’ where all their personal information is stored like their next of kin and emergency family or friends contact numbers. This App and Vault has level 4 security, the same as banks, so no one can access it without your approval!

E) VCAT Bell 407 Helicopter

Helicopter rescue

If needed Trackbox will use a VCAT Bell 407 Helicopter to save lives, to provide an immediate response of which Emergency Panic Response Members and X-IN Anti Human Trafficking Button Members have access too! They are faster and better than any other service in terms of time, as we know, every second counts to save lives!

X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button

Please see our X-IN page.

Trackbox Button

X-IN (Pty) Ltd with both their Emergency Panic Response button & X-IN Anti Human Trafficking button has access to Trackbox following features, services and functions.

My Vault:

Addresses, Change ERPC, Contact Numbers, Email Addresses, Relationships, Items & Assets, Vehicles, Animals, Firearms, Documents.

Record Audio:

Save audio recordings for later use.


Archive of voice recordings.

View Incident Map:

View Alerts and Incident Mapping.

Examples Given Below :



Report a suspicious person or vehicle, or leave an anonymous tip.

Make a selection

Message Centre:

Select a category for a variety of crime and non-crime related issues.

GPS Voice Note Reporting:

Instantly record messages of up to 30 seconds. These are sent straight to the ERPC with your exact GPS location, within 7 seconds anywhere in the world if you have this Trackbox App with the X-IN Emergency Panic Response Button.

Track Location:

Hiking, running, biking, driving, walking to school, catching an Uber… This feature lets you keep in touch when on the move.

Call me

‘Call Me’ (SA CAN):

Request the ERPC to call you back. A first for South Africa. No airtime or data needed.

Call Me (Your contacts):

Lifestyle feature to make it simple to send a “Call Me” to any of your Contacts (max. 5 per day). No airtime or data needed.

Missing Alert:

At the touch of a button, mass activate a search for your missing child or family member.

Missing & Hostage Recovery:

Ability to activate the live tracking, reverse track and trace and see the users breadcrumb trail of the last 30 minutes GPS and LBS.


Associations, organisations and personal areas of interest to ensure relevant personal communications, personalised services, group schemes, billing and emergency operations management.

Radio System:

Encrypted International Radio System for Police & Community Operations.


24/7 International Emergency Response and Prevention Centre.

Recoveri Microdot:

National Microdot Serial Number Checks.

SelectaDNA Forensic Coding:

This synthetic solution contains a UV Tracer and DNA code, uniquely coded for each application such as an alarm system device for a premises, safety protection products and animal identification to irrefutably (through forensic testing) link the fleeing criminal to the scene of the crime. This is carried out by StratTech, TrackBox Technologies, SAPS, VCAT NPO (Violent Crimes & Technology Support) and Lancet Laboratories.

IproTech - The next step in non-lethal self defence

A world first with multiple responses and actions simultaneously.

A small lightweight device that genetically marks the perpetrator with an indistinguishable DNA marker- combined with a UV fluid and pepper spray – not only fends off the immediate danger, but also alerts those who can assist.

DNA can be swabbed for a minimum of three months or up to nine months later on a human, and years on physical articles.

Activating the IproTech device, triggers multiple responses and simultaneous which is a world first:

Jet spray with a mixture of:

1. Unique DNA marking fluid.

2. UV marking.

3. Immobilizing pepper spray concentrate.

4. Unique scent detectable by specially trained dogs.

5. Activation of GPS Panic .

6. Captured photo of attacker.

7. GPS position of device (not the phone).

8. Time and Date of Attack.

9. Siren to attract attention ( 40 decibels).

But it doesn’t stop there. The device doubles as an alarm while on charge. While on wireless charge it can be armed/disarmed via infrared and will auto activate on intruder detection. Visit iProtech for more information.