X-In Saves Lives



Imagine that we had the technology to alert an emergency response to you at the press of a button. Imagine that they know exactly who you are and exactly where you are when you need them, at a time where mere seconds could save your life.

Imagine no more!!!

emergency buttons

Mission and Vision

X-IN (Pty) Ltd has created two hallmark buttons under Trackbox (Pty) Ltd to support South Africa with crime prevention for anything, anytime and anywhere!

• Emergency Panic Response Button

• X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button

We function like South Africa’s first 911 Call Centre, where if you press either of these panic buttons there is a ten second panic countdown that takes you to Trackbox’s Call Centre that has many resources for anything! An immediate response to your situation is provided by collaborating with collaborative Government and Community Networks across the country. Trackbox can track and trace you within 7 seconds anywhere in the world! The Emergency Panic Response Button is for any emergency or panic situation! Trackbox has a world wide patent with the application being accepted in New York. In this manner we have the goal of creating and uniting all emergency services role players into one emergency System.

SA CAN who created the Trackbox App have won the Louries Award for best Technology in Africa and the Middle East, The TrackBox App came in at 5th (fifth) place. Their existence of 15 years has built up incredible relationships and integrity across agencies, government and communities. Trackbox has already more then 1.4 million users and counting. X-IN has collaborated with Trackbox in selling both these buttons for a premium service of only R30 per month, the price of a 2-liter milk bottle! Yet the premium services and functioning of this Trackbox App is incredible.

By pressing either of these two X-IN buttons we are making the world a smaller place for perpetrators and a better chance for victims or potential victims to be saved and rescued, as we know that every second counts!

Both X-IN’s buttons are not just for your own safety but can also be used for your relatives at this affordable price. You never know when you might need it!


The app is available in English and will be translated to Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa… Other languages to follow as it becomes necessary. If you do not have data, you can press the little phone icon on the App, and we will give you a call straight back as we know that every second counts!

The money from both X-IN buttons is being used to fight the battle and horrific crime of human trafficking. Please see our comments under our X-IN Anti Human Trafficking Button page. It is currently the world’s third largest crime industry bringing in more then $500 Billion a year! Every 30 seconds a child is being trafficked around the world! And it is happening in South Africa in a very large scale and even in our own communities and ‘backyards’. We are determined not to re-invent the wheel but support safety houses and build new ones in line with Government Requirements and Guidelines. We are supporting current organisations that support victims of human trafficking and their rehabilitation.

Under Both X-IN Buttons with every case that is opened a specific IMICS (Incident Management & Information Capturing) Case number is given, and will not be closed until the case has been completed. Trackbox handles more then over 200 case types to do with crime, immediate medical assistance, fire and rescue, traffic incident, traffic alerts, car theft, animal welfare, crisis centre, municipal support, bee and snake removal, farm murders, house break ins, murder, rape, kidnapping, poaching of dogs and now with X-IN (Pty) Ltd collaboration, Anti Human trafficking. For the low fee, you receive premium services in any situation. X-IN (Pty) Ltd cares about the lives of people, their freedom and safety. We do not give up on people, and would rather let you press the Emergency Panic Response Button for any uncertainty, than not! We are here for you 24/7 and with Trackbox incredible intelligence technology there is nothing too big or small for us to help you with.

We Encourage People who purchase the Trackbox App and choose the Emergency Panic Response button or the Anti Human Trafficking button as their ERPC on the Trackbox App, as both buttons will never fail you in any situation, time or place! We also encourage our purchasers to make use of the Telegram App, which is for free to download as a means of communication which is more secure, for information not to get lost or spied upon. Telegram now has more then 200 million users, information can never get lost and is delivered fast. You will also receive regular updates on the crimes committed in your area, communities or country and updating information on Trackbox’s updating technology and so much more!

Trackbox App is available on the Google play and App store. Download the Trackbox App Here or visit their website: Trackbox.world and select your X-IN Emergency Panic Response Button for any of the above situations and more or the X-IN International Anti Human Trafficking Button, for anything, any time, anywhere!

Links to both App stores is located at the bottom of every page on this website.